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Undergraduate Student Life

Whence Houses?

Your dorm is subdivided into various communities known as "houses". The name of your house is usually taken from a generous benefactor, alumnus, or Hyde Park landmark. Each is a unique community with its own geography, culture and traditions.  Students within the house band together to plan trips and events in the house, around campus, and the city of Chicago at large. Houses make up the bulk of teams for IM sports as well as other competitions around the University. 

House Council:

The is the main governing body of the house. Every house organizes the council as they see fit, but generally it will include a president, social chair, wellness officer, IM representative, and representatives for HARC, IHC and Hall Council (see below).

RAs, RHs, and RD's?

You may already be familiar with the responsibilities of the RA (resident assistant). They are upperclass students who know the U of C quite well and are a great resource for settling into life in your house.  They host study breaks, lead trips around the city and generally help maintain a sense of community.

The position of resident head (RH) is unique to the University of Chicago. An RH is usually a faculty member, an advanced graduate student pursuing a Ph.D., or an administrative staff member. Every house has at least one RH, though most have a couple. RHs live in the dorms year-round. Many have pets and/or children. They interact with students on a daily basis; you will see them at the house table in the dining hall, at house meetings and events, and around campus. Additionally, RHs host study breaks and plan large events for the house, serving as the primary stewards of the community.

Resident Deans (RD) are senior faculty who serve as the social and intellectual center of your dorm. Like RHS, RDs live in the dorms with their families and pets. RDs curate a stimulating programming of guest lectures, cultural outings around the city, as well as host dinners, teas and other events. Get to know your RDs, for they can provide unique guidance in your intellectual and personal development.

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