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Undergraduate Student Life

Safety & Security on Campus

The Department of Safety & Security oversees matters regarding campus safety, emergency management, environmental health, transportation and parking, and the UCPD (University of Chicago Police Department). It is worth exploring their website, but be sure to be familiar with the following resources:

  • UCPD: Call 773-702-8181 or 123 from any campus phone. This number is the equivalent of 911; it sends the same services. It has the benefit of knowing the campus and can better direct emergency responders to your location. If you can't remember the number or don't have access to a campus phone, call 911. UCPD is contacted when you hit the red button on any of the campus emergency phones (white pillars with blue lights). UCPD can provide
    • Safety Escort: If you have concerns for your safety, call the number above and a member of th UCPD will be sent to safely escort you to destination (within the UCPD's patrol area).
    • Safe Zone: The lobby of the UCPD headquarters (850 East 61st St.) can be used by anyone selling/buying/exchanging items online or through social media. 
    • Register Your BikeBikes get stolen around Chicago, a lot. The UCPD will register your bike and give you a sticker to place on it so that if it is stolen and found it can be returned to you.
    • Register Your LaptopThe UCPD can do the same for your laptop as it does for your bike.
  • UChicago Safe Mobile Safety AppUChicago Safe Mobile Safety App:You can directly contact the UCPD and send them your location through this phone (NOTE: the UCPD does NOT TRACK track your location without your permission. You have to send it to them)
  • cAlerts: Receive texts when an emergency happens on campus you need to be aware of. This an OP-IN system. If you do not sign up you will not receive these warnings. The University has no way of contacting you in an emergency if you do not give the University your contact information (or permission, for that matter).

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