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IEL Social Security Law Contents

The International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) Social Security Law includes information in book-length form written in English for 32 countries.  The monographs are written by legal academics and/or practitioners with expertise in social security law for those countries.  The monographs enable comparative research in social security law.  These monographs include a general introduction on social security law followed by specialized chapters on public institutions, private institutions, contribution and financing, health care, family allowances, incapacity to work, industrial accidents and occupational diseases, unemployment, pensions, the handicapped, right to social integration, social assistance, and claims and adjudication.  A more detailed Table of Contents follows:

For each country or organization covered the work provides:
List of Abbreviations. Preface. General Introduction. Selected
Part I: The Institutions.
1. Public Institutions.
2. Position and Competence of the Public Institutions.
3. Private Institutions.
Part II: Contribution and Financing.
1. Contribution Regulation for Employees.
2. Contributions for Public Sector Workers.
3. Contributions for the Self-Employed.
4. Other Contributions.
5. Government Funding.
Part III: Health Care.
1. Field of Application.
2. Benefits.
3. Conditions.
Part IV: Family Allowances.
1. Field of Application.
2. Dependent Children.
3. Amount of the Benefit.
4. Payment.
Part V: Incapacity to Work.
1. Field of Application.
2. Benefits.
3. Certification of Incapacity to Work.
4. Benefits.
5. Conditions.
6. Accumulation Rules.
Part VI: Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases.
1. Field of Application.
2. Concept of ‘Industrial Accident’.
3. Concept of ‘Occupational Disease’.
4. Medical Care.
5. Incapacity to Work.
6. Death.
7. Prevention of Occupational Diseases.
8. Supplementary Benefits.
9. No-Fault Insurance.
10. Civil Liability.
11. Accumulation Rules.
Part VII: Unemployment.
1. Provision of Work.
2. Unemployment Benefit.
Part VIII: Pensions.
1. Pensions for Wage-Earners.
2. Pensions for the Self-Employed.
3. Guaranteed Income for Old Persons.
Part IX: Handicapped Persons.
1. Social Integration.
2. Financial Allowances for the Handicapped.
Part X: Minimum Income Benefit.
1. Beneficiaries.
2. Conditions.
3. Amount of the Benefit.
4. Claim and Administration.
5. Reclaiming of Benefits Paid.
Part XI: Claims and Adjudication.
1. Claims.
2. Adjudication.
Selected Bibliography.

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