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IEL Intergovernmental Organisations Contents

The International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) Intergovernmental Organisations includes information in book-length form written in English for 32 organizations.  The monographs are written by legal academics and/or practitioners with expertise in intergovernmental organizations for those countries.  The monographs enable comparative research in intergovernmental organizations.  These monographs include a general introduction on intergovernmental organizations followed by specialized chapters on development and structure, managements of the international monetary system, balance of payments support, and the IMF in global context. A more detailed Table of Contents follows:

Each monograph follows the outline below.
1. Genesis and historical development.
2. Constitutional Treat(y/ies) / Document(s) (incl.
interpretation interpretation & amendment).
3. Institutional Framework.
a. Objectives and competences
b. Legal status (incl. legal personality & privileges and
c. Membership
d. Organs (composition, competences, …)
e. Decisions (decision-making, legal nature, publication,
f. Dispute settlement.
g. Financing
4. Activities (incl. publications).
5. External relations (incl. treaty-making powers and
relations with other organizations).
Subject Index.
Selected Bibliography.

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