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International Encyclopaedia of Laws Guide


The International Encyclopaedia of Laws series is published by Kluwer Law International. The IEL series contains book-length, English-language, expert commentary on a particular country's law. The IEL series goes beyond an encyclopedia to provide detailed coverage of major areas of foreign law. The Law Library owns all the sets in the series in electronic format. Titles either include “IEL” or “International Encyclopaedia of Laws”. The IEL is continually updated, and each IEL set includes different countries. For example, IEL sets cover Chinese intellectual property and labor law, but not energy, property, and trust law. The present Guide and the list of "Published Monographs" indicate which countries are in each IEL set. For Greece, look under "Hellas". The IEL series includes 25 legal topics so far. The International Encyclopaedia of Laws is a great starting point for comparative law research.

  • Civil Procedure
  • Commercial and Economic Law
  • Competition Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Corporations and Partnerships
  • Criminal Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Energy Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Family and Succession Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intergovernmental Organisations
  • Labour Law and Industrial Relations
  • Media Law
  • Medical Law
  • Migration Law
  • Private International Law
  • Property and Trust Law
  • Religion
  • Social Security Law
  • Sports Law
  • Tort Law
  • Transport Law

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