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IEL Civil Procedure Contents

The International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) Civil Procedure includes information in book-length form written in English for 38 countries.  The monographs are written by legal academics and/or practitioners with expertise in civil procedure law for those countries.  The monographs enable comparative research in civil procedure law.  These monographs include a general introduction on civil procedure followed by specialized chapters on jurisdictions, actions and claims, proceedings, incidents, legal costs and legal aid, evidence, and arbitration.  A more detailed Table of Contents follows:

Each national monograph contains the following:
List of Abbreviations. Preface. General Introduction.
Selected Bibliography.
Part I: Judicial Organization.
1. The Courts and Their Members.
2. The Bar.
3. The Bailiffs.
Part II: Jurisdiction.
1. Domestic Jurisdiction.
2. International Jurisdiction.
Part III: Actions and Claims
1. Actions.
2. Claims and Defences.
3. Sanctions on Procedural Irregularities.
Part IV: Proceedings.
1. Pre-Trial Proceedings (if any).
2. Proceedings in First Instance.
3. Review Proceedings.
Part V: Incidents.
Part VI: Legal Aid and Legal Costs.
1. Legal Aid.
2. Legal Costs.
Part VII: Evidence.
1. Burden of Proof.
2. Admissibility of Evidence.
3. Administration of Evidence.
Part VIII: Particular Proceedings
Part IX: Seizure for Security and Enforcement of

1. Seizure for Security.
2. Enforcement of Judgments.
Part X: Arbitration
Part XI. Mediation
Selected Bibliography.

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