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How do I find Electronic Full-Text Sources (EFTS)

Electronic Full-Text Sources (EFTS)

Historical Texts

Collage of historically significant scenes

Collections on CD-ROM

  • Archiv der Gegenwart (Digitale Bibliothek).  Call number: CDRom DD257.A734 2004 Mansueto
  • Bibliotheca Iuris Antiqui (BIA) Call number: CDRom XXKJA147.B526 2002 Mansueto
  • Das Dritte Reich unter Leitung von Manfred Overesch und Friedrich Wilhelm Saal (Digitale Bibliothek). Call number: CDRomDD232.D758 2001 Mansueto
  • Epigraph: A Database of Roman Inscriptions (CIL VI) Call number: CDRom CN520.E65 1992 mansueto
  • Marx-Engels. Ausgewählte Werke (Digitale Bibliothek). Call number: CDRom HX39.5.A121 1998 Mansueto
  • Propyläen Weltgeschichte (Digitale Bibliothek). Call number: CDRom D20.P76 1999 Mansueto.

Newspaper Sources

Research Guides

See also the Library's

Subject Guide to History 


The ProxyIt! bookmarklet will reload a page to use IT Services proxy server. Install this button in your browser to get access to Library resources from off campus.

  • In Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari, drag this ⇒ ProxyIt! ⇐ link to your bookmarks toolbar.

Once installed, anytime you go to a web page of one of our electronic resources, click the ProxyIt! Button and it will reroute the page through the proxy server so that you can login and access the material. You must have JavaScript enabled for the bookmarklet to work.

ProxyIt! will only work for resources to which the Library has subscribed.  You can find whether we have a subscription by consulting the Library Catalog, the Ejournals database, or Articles Plus.