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IEL Property and Trust Law Contents

The International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) Property and Trust Law includes information in book-length form written in English for 12 countries.  The monographs are written by legal academics and/or practitioners with expertise in property and trust law for those countries.  The monographs enable comparative research in property and trust law.  These monographs include a general introduction on property and trust law followed by specialized chapters on immovable property and real property, legal and equitable interests, movable property and personal property/chattels, acquisition of property rights, trust and fiduciary mechanism, and security.  A more detailed Table of Contents follows:

Table of Contents
The Authors
Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations
General Introduction
Selected Bibliography
Part I. Immovable Property and Real Property
Chapter 1. General Classification
Chapter 2. Legal and Equitable Interests
Chapter 3. Registration Systems
Chapter 4. Limited Interests
Chapter 5. Security Interests
Chapter 6. Joint Ownership
Chapter 7. Persons Who May Own Interests in Land
Chapter 8. Planning and Development
Chapter 9. Public Housing
Part II. Movable Property and Personal Property/Chattels
Chapter 1. General Classification
Chapter 2. Legal Interests
Chapter 3. Equitable Interests
Chapter 4. Security Interests
Part III. Acquisition of Property Rights
Chapter 1. Transfer of Property by Contract INTER VIVOS
Chapter 2. Transfer of Property by Death
Chapter 3. Possession
Chapter 4. Gifts
Chapter 5. Accession
Chapter 6. Expropriation
Chapter 7. Insolvency
Part IV. Trust and Fiduciary Mechanism
Chapter 1. Administration of Property/Trusts
Chapter 2. Trusts Arising by Operation of Law
Part V. Security
Chapter 1. Securities in Immovable Property
Chapter 2. Securities in Movable Property

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