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The International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) Contracts includes information in book-length form written in English for 38 countries.  The monographs are written by legal academics and/or practitioners with expertise in contracts for those countries.  The monographs enable comparative research in contracts.  These monographs include a general introduction on contracts followed by specialized chapters on formation, privity of contract, the end of the contract, agency, bailment, aleatory contracts, sale of goods, lease, suretyship, pledges, and loans.  A more detailed Table of Contents follows:

Table of Contents
The Author
List of Abbreviations
General Introduction
Introduction to the Law of Contracts
Selected Bibliography
Part I. General Principles of the Law of Contract
Chapter 1. Formation
Chapter 2. Conditions of Substantive Validity
Chapter 3. The Contents of a Contract
Chapter 4. Privity of Contract
Chapter 5. The End of the Contract
Chapter 6. Remedies
Part II. Specific Contracts
Chapter 1. Agency
Chapter 2. Bailment
Chapter 3. Aleatory Contracts
Chapter 4. Sale of Goods
Chapter 5. Hire of Work an Skill. Building Contracts
Chapter 6. Lease
Chapter 7. Compromise Settlements
Chapter 8. Suretyship
Chapter 9. Pledges
Chapter 10. Loan
Chapter 11. Contracts with the Government and other Public
Chapter 12. Contract of Civil Partnership
Chapter 13. Quasi-Contracts

Subject Specialist

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