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Linguistics at the University of Chicago Library

The University of Chicago Department of Linguistics provides the following summation of its research interests and teaching philosophy:

Founded in the mid-1930's, it is the oldest linguistics department in the United States. It is theory-oriented with a deep empirical interest in languages. One of its outstanding characteristics is its commitment to a wide range of approaches to the study of language. Interdisciplinary, interdepartmental study is encouraged, and students regularly work with faculty in several other departments. Students are expected to become active researchers as soon as possible after their arrival here. The faculty are involved in synchronic and diachronic research on languages from around the world.

To support these interests, the Library collects comprehensively in all areas of theoretical linguistics and more selectively in areas of applied linguistics (sign language, language teaching, bilingualism, discourse analysis, literacy studies, etc.).  The Library's strong collections in psychology, anthropology, sociology and education complement the general linguistics collection, as do its outstanding language collections (Classics, East Asian, English, Germanic, Near Eastern, Romance, Slavic & East European, South Asian languages).

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