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Language Evolution, Acquisition & Processing (LEAP) Workshop: The Language Evolution, Acquisition, and Processing (LEAP) Workshop aims to facilitate interdisciplinary research bridging linguistics, psychology and neuroscience, and bring together researchers working broadly in the language sciences.

Modalities of Language: Modalities of Language on the multimodality of language. The workshop would welcome topics on signed languages, language and sensory perception, gesture, writing, multimodal multilingualism, or spatial aspects of language. We explore how the study of sign language, gesture, and their intersection can inform our understanding of language on the whole. 

Morphology & Syntax Workshop: The Morphology and Syntax Workshop aims to create opportunities for grad students, faculty, and visitors to debate cutting-edge research related to morphology, syntax and their interfaces, as well as their interaction with other aspects of language, including but not limited to phonology, semantics, and language processing.

Semiotics: Culture in Context: By building on many seminal studies that have used semiotic approaches, the goal of the workshop is to continue to develop the rigorous analytic framework that provides the method for clearly defining linkages between the object of analysis and its context.

Workshop on Language Variation and Change (LVC): The Language Variation & Change workshop investigates the manner in which speaker differences condition linguistic differences, from theoretical, socio-historical, experimental, and anthropological perspectives.