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An overview of scholarly resources in Classical Studies

Serial Guide: Classics, Ancient Near East, Medieval Latin & Byzantine Studies

Locate print and electronic serials (periodicals, annuals, series, etc.).

Call numbers, links, and holdings are for the University of Chicago  Library.

Punctuation and spacing must match entries exactly since this is string searching. Uppercase OR, and NOT serve as Boolean operators. To anchor a match at the beginning of an entry a caret must precede the word (e.g., ^classical finds only titles that begin with "Classical"). To find a word anywhere in an entry surround the word with the @ sign (e.g., @RAC@ finds only RAC, not RACF, VeteraChr, etc.).
Abbreviations: (e.g., AJSL or @RAC@)
Titles: (e.g., Rivista di archeologia cristiana)
Call Number: (e.g., PA1.G79)
Subject Label: (e.g., Cla, ANE, or Med)
Start Date: (e.g., 1829 or 1800-1850)
End Date: (e.g., 1999 or 1995-2004)
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The Serial Guide above provides links to online journals. See also the Library help guides How to Find Articles and How to Find Journals.

Abbreviations of Journals, Standard Reference Works, and Corpora



Epigraphy and Papyrology

Biblical and Ancient Near East

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Catherine Mardikes
Bibliographer for Classics, the Ancient Near East, & General Humanities and interim Linguistics
Joseph Regenstein Library,
Room 471
Office: 773-702-2783
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