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1L Success Portal: Legal Research & Writing

Legal Research and Writing Secondary Sources

Below, you will find a curated selection of the leading Legal Research & Writing study supplements. To view the full range of supplements available through D'Angelo Law Library subscriptions, see below:

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Legal Writing Lessons  

Legal Research Lessons 

Researching an Appellate Brief

Here are some suggestions for an organized and comprehensive approach to researching for an appellate brief.

  • Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the record below and the orders appealed from.
  • Analyze the questions you will research. Consider:
    • Jurisdiction
    • Governing law
    • Areas of law
    • Applicable court rules
  • Create a research plan.
    • Places to begin:
      • Secondary sources on the areas of law you’ve identified.
      • Law cited in the opinion from which the appeal has been taken.
    • Consider all types of relevant primary law—statutes, case law, court rules.
    • Use the "one good case" method. 
  • Execute your research plan.
    • Keep good notes. 
    • Use Folders in Westlaw and Lexis+ to organize your research.
    • Use Copy with Reference (Westlaw)/Copy with Cite (Lexis+) to keep citations with quotations you may wish to use later.
    • Update your research: use a citator to ensure that the law you will cite is current.
  • Revisit your research plan to ensure that you have covered all the bases.
  • Revisit the record in the lower court and the orders appealed from, since your research may have revealed new questions.

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