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Sources for researching companies

ESG Metrics

Enivronmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an emerging way of measuring a company's impact and potential as an investment target. This chapter in "ESG Investment in the Global Economy" gives a good overview.

ESG Metrics are available in a few sources

Current scores from CSRhub are available in NexisUni for over 30,000 organizations. There is no history available.

Search for CSRhub ESG Ratings in the main search and select "add source as filter" when it appears in the suggestions. You can then search for a company.

ESG Data in WRDS

Several datasets are included in Wharton Research Data Services, which allows larger data extracts.

  • MSCI (formerly KLD)
    This dataset is not getting regular updates
  • Refinitiv ESG
    Part of Thomson/Refinitiv
  • Sustainalytics
  • Trucost and S&P Global ESG Scores
    Part of Compustat -- CapitalIQ

Access to Sustainalytics and Trucost is provided by the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation at Chicago Booth