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Stock Prices

Free and subscription sources for finding stock prices, both current and historical.

Subscription Databases

Free Sources

This is a selected list of sites that offer free pricing data. Many of these have deep historical data but this can be inconsistent. In addition, most free sites discontinue coverage when a company's capital structure changes. For example, Yahoo! Finance has data for United Airlines, but only for the period after they emerged from bankruptcy in 2006.

Yahoo! Finance
Daily, weekly and monthly open, high, low, close, volume, and close adjusted for splits and dividends. Search for a stock and then select "historical prices". Data are available back as far as 1962, depending on the stock (the earliest available date will be displayed automatically). Also covers mutual funds, indices and exchange traded funds.
Google Finance
Daily and weekly open, high, low, close and volume. Prices are adjusted for splits and dividends, but these actions are not indicated when the data are downloaded. Data are available as far back as forty years but there is no easy way to determine the earliest available date.
Big Charts
Most useful for getting a quote for a specific date. Does not offer data downloads.