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How do I find articles?

Tips for locating articles at the Library.

What are DOIs and PMIDs

DOI and PMID refer to unique identifiers, which can be used to locate articles online. The boxes on this guide link these services to the Library's  service, allowing you to access resources through Library subscriptions.

DOI stands for Document Object Identifier. This is a unique identifier that is assigned to an online journal article, online book or online book chapter. Most publishers assign these to their online content. A DOI can take you directly to an online resource, but the Library does not always have access at a publisher site. The DOI lookup links to any online access we have.

PMID is a unique identifier used in the PubMed database and can be used to look up abstracts in PubMed. The PMID lookup links to online access through the Library.

Find an article using DOI or PMID

This widget uses, which connects to our FIndIt service to get you to an article. All you need is a DOI or PMID.