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How do I find articles?

Tips for locating articles at the Library.

Finding an Article from a Citation Using Articles Plus

Finding an Article From a Citation in a Library Database

Most of the Library's article database features Find It!, a service to help you locate the text you need.

When you locate an article citation in a database (but not the full-text), click on Find It! in the record. You will see several options:

  1. Find It Online: Find It! will link you to the full-text (when available). 
  2. Find It In The Library: Find the journal in the Library Catalog or place a Scan and Deliver request for the article.
  3. Find It At Other Libraries
    Place an Interlibrary Loan request for a scan of the article. 

Find the Full Text of an Article from a Citation

Finding an Article From a Bibliography or Footnote

If you have a citation from a footnote or bibliography, you will need to see if the Library has the journal the article was published in.

Below are some tips for determining the title of a journal from a citation.

Enter "America Literary History" in the Library Catalog as a Journal search, or in the EJournals tab on our website.  Look for 2005, volume 17, number 1.

In some citations (especially in the sciences) the name of the journal is abbreviated.  You can find this using ISI's Journal Title Abbreviations or ask a librarian. In this case, the journal name is Space Science Review., volume 104, issue 1-2, published in 2002..


Enter Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica as the journal name in the Library Catalog or the EJournals list.  Look for the year, 2004, and volume 110, issue 5.