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How do I find articles?

Tips for locating articles at the Library.

Popular ProQuest Databases

'Cited By' in ProQuest

When reviewing search results, if that paper has been cited, you can click on "Cited by" to see where the citation has been cited.

'Cited By' feature in ProQuest databases

Keep in mind this only locates the records within the same database that have bibliographies included as part of the record.  Each database varies on what it includes.

Look up an Author in ProQuest

If you are looking to measure an author's impact, use ProQuest's Look Up feature to find all the articles by that author in a ProQuest database. To do so: follow these 5 steps:

  1. From the advanced search screen, choose "Author-AU" in the drop down menu. After that selection the "Look up Authors" link appears.
  2. Click "Look up Authors"

  3. In the pop-up box, search for authors by last name and first initial.

  4. Add all variations of the author's name, and click add to search. This will bring you back to the advanced search screen, but now your search terms will be filled in.

  5. Hit "Search." When you get your results list, scroll through it to find any articles that have the "cited by" link.