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How do I find newspapers?

A guide to locating newspapers for your research.

Access to the

The Library is now providing access to the Economist web site. This includes access to the Android and iOS apps and exclusive content that is not in Library databases.

You can access content on the campus network by connecting to, but an account is required for access from off-campus or through the apps. 

Logging in to

Access the Economist using your CNetID and password using these steps

  1. Connect to the Economist web site and click login in the upper right corner
  2. Enter your UChicago email in the email box. This can be,, or
  3. The system will recognize your email address. You should see this screen before being redirected to the Okta sign-in page
  4. Login as usual using your CNetID or UCMEDID
  5. You will be redirected to the Economist home page

Having Trouble?

Some users who had previously registered with the Economist have reported issues linking to our subscription. Please contact Ask-a-Librarian with your UChicago email if you have problems and we will work with the Economist to update your account.

Other Economist access

The Economist is included in article databases, which can be a better source for searching for articles on a topic. The Library also provides access to the Economist archive from when it was established in 1843 up through 2020.