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How do I find newspapers?

A guide to locating newspapers for your research.

New York Times

Create an account at to access the Library's subscription. This includes access to:

  • Today's paper
  • All multimedia content.
  • The full archive from 1851-1922 and 1981 to the present.
  • Access to the Times Machine, which has page images for 1851- 2002. Downloads are limited to five per day.

Our subscription does not include the crossword or recipe archives.

The full archive from 1851 -- present is available through ProQuest, see the links below.

Login at the New York Times web site after you create your account. You can also download the app for Android or iOS.

Find the University of Chicago in the list to continue. You can register with any email after you verify your UChicago status.

Some users have been unable to register using Chrome, but have been successful using a different browser.
If you have problems with registration, email and include the email you were attempting to register.

New York Times activation page


Please note that if you have a personal subscription to the New York Times that includes Cooking or Games, you will need to cancel your news subscription to take advantage of the campus subscription. To cancel the news, but keep Cooking and/or Games, please contact or 1-800-591-9233. Once the subscription is cancelled, you can then create an account for the campus news subscription by logging in using the link above.

If you already have an NYT account through the prior Law School subscriptions, you can keep your same credentials, but will first need to go to  use the link above and then log in using your credentials.

Other New York Times Access

The Library has full access to the New York Times archives through ProQuest. We recommend searching in ProQuest for general topics. ProQuest adds subject terms to articles and allows easier limiting by date, author and article title.