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How do I find films?

A guide to finding films on campus and beyond..

Browsing, Paging, and Borrowing Films

Many of the Library's videos and DVDs are shelved in the 2nd and 3rd floor Reading Rooms of Regenstein. Several other campus libraries also have video collections (see list below). Videos are cataloged in the Library Catalog.

Like books, most videos can be checked out for the entire quarter.  Videos in the Law Library have a 14-day loan period with no renewals.

The Library's videos and DVDs may be requested via the Paging & Pickup service in the Library Catalog.

Searching the Catalog for Films

Use the Library Catalog to search for specific films.  Use the "Title" option to look films by title.  Use the "Author" option for director.

To look for a specific type of film, use the advanced keyword search. 

  1. Select the "Advanced Keyword" tab in the catalog.
  2. Under "Format" select "Videos".  You may also select a specific type of video, such as Streaming, Blu-Ray, Laserdisk, VHS, and DVD. However, please be aware that the Library collects videos in all these formats (and houses players for them), so you may limit your results too much this way.
  3. Add additional search terms, such as an actor (in all fields) or director (as author).
  4. Select Library location (D'Angelo, Regenstein, etc.) if this is important to you.


Using Interlibrary Loan

Search WorldCat to identify films held at other libraries. Many videos and dvds can be borrowed from other institutions in the same manner as books.

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