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How do I find films?

A guide to finding films on campus and beyond..

Playing DVDs with VLC Media Player

Using a Computer to View a DVD

Library computers have VLC Player software installed. This can play DVDs encoded for any region

Use headphones. Remember that you must use headphones to watch a DVD in the Library, whether you are using a Library computer or your own laptop. Library computers require wired headphones with a 3mm jack.

Follow the steps below in order. If you do not follow these steps in order, your DVD may not play.

VLC Media Player icon

1. Log in to the computer.

2. Insert DVD into the disc drive and close.

3. Open VLC Media Player (the orange and white cone icon should appear on the desktop -- if not, it will be listed under All Programs, under the Start button). 
In VLC, go to the Media menu and select "Open disc."

4. The DVD title should automatically appear in the "Disc device" field. 

VLC Media Player menu

5. Click "Play." This should open the main menu of the disc.

If you have problems playing a DVD, Ask a Librarian or visit the Circulation Desk on the first floor. You can also try a different computer, as not all disc drives may be functional.