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HIST 81601: Imperial Encounters

A supplementary guide for students (Fall 2013).

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Imperial Europe


History 81601: Imperial Encounters

Fall, 2013-Winter, 2014

Prof. Leora Auslander, Prof. Faith Hillis

This two-quarter seminar explores the range of encounters, collisions, and exchanges that modern European empires have fostered. Geographically, our readings traverse the space from Russia to the Atlantic World, covering overseas colonial empires as well as their overland counterparts; chronologically, they focus on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We will consider governance, mobility, imperial politics, the built environment, and consumption as venues of cross-cultural contact and exchange; examine the role that imperial societies have played in the construction of ethnic and racial difference, religious practices, and gender norms; as well as consider how the collapse of empires restructured networks, identities, and subjectivities. This course also aims to familiarize students with the range of sources that can be used to write the history of imperial encounters and to equip them with practical and professional skills vital to the historical profession.

Subject Headings and Keywords

  • Austria--History--1740-1789
  • Austria--History--1789-1900
  • Austria--History--1867-1918

  • Great Britain--Colonies--History--18th century
  • Great Britain--Colonies--History--19th century
  • Great Britain--Social conditions--18th century

  • France--Colonies
  • France--Colonies--Algeria--Ethnic relations
  • France--Territorial expansion
  • France--Foreign relations--Vietnam--Sources
  • Algeria--Colonization
  • Germany--Colonies--Africa
  • Germany--Colonies--China
  • Colonization--History
  • Cultural pluralism--Africa
  • Cultural pluralism--Austria--Vienna
  • Cultural pluralism--Balkan Penninsula--History--Congresses
  • Europe--Territorial expansion
  • Europe, Central--History
  • Europe, Eastern--Ethnic relations
  • Imperialism--Economic aspects--Great Britain--Colonies
  • Imperialism--History
  • Imperialism--Government policy--Great Britain
  • Imperialism--Great Britain--Colonies
  • Imperialism--Social aspects--Balkan Peninsula
  • Imperialism--Social aspecs--Middle Eas
  • Imperialism--Africa
  • Imperialism--India
  • Imperialism--Russia
  • Imperialism--Turkey
  • Minorities--Austria
  • Minorities--Government policy--Russia
  • Turkey--History--Ottoman Empire--1288-1918
  • Turkey--Intellectual life
  • Turkey--Social conditions
  • Turkey--Social conditions--1288-1918
  • Turkey--Social life and customs
  • Balkan Peninsula--Social life and customs
  • Russia--Territorial expansion
  • Caucasus--History--19th century
  • Kazakhstan--Annexation to Russia
  • Russia--Colonies--History
  • Russia--Boundaries
  • Women--Europe--Colonies--History
  • Women--Great Britain--Colonies--History
  • Women--Latin America--History
  • Women--Latin America--Social conditions
  • Feminism--Carribean Area
  • Man-woman relationships--Great Britain--Colonies
  • Sex role--Colonies--Great Britain--History
  • Women colonists--Nigeria
  • Caribbean Area--History
  • Caribbean Area--Race relations
  • Social change--Carribean Area
  • British--India--Social life and customs--19th century
  • British--India--Social life and customs--20th century
  • India--History--British Occupation--1765-1947
  • Decolonization--Latin America
  • Postcolonialism--Latin America
  • Latin America--Relations--Europe
  • Latin America--History--Autonomy and independence movements
  • Jews--Turkey--History
  • Jews--Poland--Warsaw--History
  • Warsaw (Poland)--Ethnic relations
  • Jews--Cultural assimilation--Russia
  • Jews--Russia--Identity

Subject Guide

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