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Preemption Check Checklist

Steps for conducting a preemption check when writing a journal article or substantial research paper.

Additional Resources for International Law Topics

If your topic involves foreign, comparative, or international law, you will want to review these additional resources for finding international law journals, books, and blogs. For more international law resources, see this guide:

You may also want to consult Lyonette Louis-Jacques, your foreign and international law librarian (see contact information under "Subject Specialist").

Searching for Articles

In addition to the databases listed under Step 2: Law Articles, you will want to search these databases for international and foreign journal articles on your topic.

Searching for Books

Searching for Unpublished Materials

SSRN and bepress both include working papers on foreign, comparative, and international law topics:

You can search for blog posts on foreign, comparative, and international law topics using Justia's Blawg Search. A few selected international law blogs are listed here as well:

Subject Specialist

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Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Foreign and International Law
Librarian and Lecturer in Law

D'Angelo Law Library
University of Chicago Law School