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Creating a Special Collections Account and Requesting Materials


Welcome to Special Collections


The Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center is home to the University of Chicago Library's rare books, archives, and manuscript collections.  Special Collections is a vibrant, interactive place to conduct research, engage in classes using original sources, and view changing exhibitions.

How to Request Books and Codex Manuscripts

Use these directions to request books and codex manuscripts using the SCRC Online Circulation System, after you have created a circulation request account.

  • Please log on to the library computer using either your CNET ID (University of Chicago users only) or your day pass (paper pass issued to visitors) login and password.
  • Open a web browser and go to the Special Collections home page.
  • Click the link “SCRC Circulation Request System.” You will be presented with two options: one for University of Chicago users and one for non-University of Chicago users. Choose the appropriate side and log in.

Online Requests: Books and Codex Manuscripts

1. From your account page, select the Library Catalog from the Online Request section.

2. Locate the title you want in the catalog, click on the title to open the record. Look at Circulation Status. On the far right side you should see a link that says “Request from SCRC.” Click on this link.

3. You will then see a screen that asks you to login. If you are already logged in you will not need to do so again, simply click the login button for your affiliation (UofC or Non).

4. You will be taken to your account page, showing the book request with all information automatically completed. (Remember: create a request for each volume you want to view.)

5. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to complete the request.

6. Once you have submitted a request you will see a message across the top of the screen that tells you the transaction number for that request and that it will be available within 30 minutes, unless you have specified a later use date. You will also see all other items you have requested.

Questions about making a request? Contact us!

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