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Library Services for Law Faculty

Information about D'Angelo Law Library services for Law faculty.

Submitting Papers & Articles

ExpressO: ExpressO is a fee-based electronic article submission service. The Law School's institutional subscription is handled by Lorrie Ragland in Faculty Support; please contact her in order to be added to our subscription. The ExpressO FAQ for Authors provides detailed instructions for submission of articles.

Scholastica: Scholastica is used by many law reviews for article submission. For assistance with the Law School's institutional subscription, contact Lorrie Ragland. This link is to Author Resources.

SSRN:  Law faculty often post working and accepted papers and book chapters to the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) to increase the visibility of their scholarship. Faculty can post papers themselves once they have created an account or the Library will post papers upon request. Papers should sent as attached pdf file to with the following information included in the body of the email:

abstract, keywords and whether they would like the paper included in an subject matter eJournals (this is optional: authors may choose the eJournals themselves or they can allow SSRN to select the appropriate eJournals, if any, in which to include the paper)

Please also indicate if you would like the paper included in either (or both) of the Law School’s working paper series (Public Law & Legal Theory Research Paper Series and/or  Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics Research Paper Series.) Please contact Connie Fleischer with questions.

Publishing Information

Copyright Issues

Protect your copyright in your own scholarly work by adding language to your publishing agreements that preserves your right to use your scholarship on your personal websites, on course management websites, and for conferences and presentations. Some boilerplate addenda to publishing agreements are available below: