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Symbols & Abbreviations

Symbol Meaning
( ) resolution of a symbol or abbreviation
[ ] a break in the text (lacuna); the text is supplied by the editor
< > a mistaken omission by the scribe
{ } superfluous letter or letters
[[ ]] letter or letters deleted by the scribe
\  / insertion above the line
vac. for "vacat"; indicates that the papyrus is blank at that point
. . . uncertain reading

Abbreviations of Journals, Standard Reference Works, and Corpora



Epigraphy and Papyrology

Biblical and Ancient Near East

Abbreviations of Ancient Authors and Their Works




  • Lampe, ed. Patristic Greek Lexicon PA881.P3 RR4Cla, RR4
  • Dekkers, Clavis Patrum Latinorum BR60.D45 1995 RR4Cla, RR4
  • Geerard, Clavis Patrum Graecorum BR67.G29 RR4
  • H. J. Frede, ed., Kirchenschriftsteller: Verzeichnis und Sigel. Vetus Latina BS71 1949 v. 1pt.1 ed. 4 RR4Cla and RR4.

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