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Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies

Finding Data Sources

You can find many official and unofficial sources of data and statistics on your own through a search engine. Follow some of these tips to find more sources:

  • Search in the language if you can. While the webpage may be available in English, there is almost always more information in the original language. 
  • In Google, search the country-level domain using "site:". For example, to search the Russian internet you would search "". For example "Газовая статистика" will help you search for gas statistics on all Russian webpages and  " Газовая статистика" would search the Russian Central Bank ( website for gas-related statistics.
  • In Google, search for PDFs or CSV files containing reports, documents, and data or other files using "filetype:". For example, to search for PDFs on the Russian government site you would search: " filetype:pdf" 

Most countries have specific websites for official governmental statistics, open governmental data, and for state bank statistics & data.

Statistical Information & Data Sources