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Chemical Safety and First Responder Tools

  • Chemical Compatiblity Database (Cole-Parmer)
    Want to know if you can use polypropylene gloves to handle acetone?  This app provides compatiblity information for combinations of materials (e.g., containers, protective clothing options) and common chemicals.
    iPad/iPhone compatible

  • Chemical Safety Data Sheets
    Search by chemical name or CAS RN or RTECS number
    Information on fire/explosive hazards and first aid/firefighter response method; eye/skin/ingestion exposure symptoms and first aid treatment; spill response, storage and packaging; physical properties, etc.  Based on International Chemical Safety Cards by IPCS Review committee
    iPad/iPhone compatible

    This National Library of Medicine resource is available for download as a standalone application or via WebWISER.  Provides identification, equipment considerations, protective measures, fire procedures, reactivities, first aid treatment and other information for commonly encountered chemicals
    Windows Mobile devices, Palm OS PDAs, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, BlackBerry devices, Microsoft Windows PCs

  • HazMat Reference and Emergency Response Guide
    On the back and side of every truck or train carrying hazardous material is a diamond shaped placard with a 4 digit code. HazMat will allow you to translate that code to the name of the substance transported and provides first responder information in plain English.
    iPad/iPhone compatible

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