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Bilateral Labor Agreements (BLAs)

Research guide for locating Bilateral Labor Agreements. A BLA is any treaty that regulates the flow of workers between two countries, including amendments and additional protocols to previously signed agreements.

International Treaty Sources

International Treaty Sources - Specific Titles

  • Full Text
  • League of Nations Treaty Series (LNTS, 1920-1946)(via HeinOnline United Nations Law Collection)
    • Treaty Search
    • Fields to use
      • Country Name
      • ShortTitle/Pop.Name/Desc (can OR the words entered)
      • Bilateral
      • Note – the “Kavass Subject Indexing” varies – can be Labour, Immigration, etc. – and “Keyword” not as effective a field.
  • United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS, 1946-current/2018)(via HeinOnline United Nations Law Collection)
  • Statement of Treaties and International Agreements (currently registered treaties – 1983-2019, #1, via HeinOnline United Nations Law Collection)
  • World Treaty Library (via HeinOnline)
    • “Keyword” (index), “Party” (signed), “Country” (ratified)
  • Indexes
    • World Treaty Library (via HeinOnline)
      • Treaty Index
      • Historical Treaty Index covers the Consolidated Treaty Series (C.T.S. or Consol. T.S., 1648-1919)
      • World Treaty Index (Peter H. Rohn, 1900-1980, 2d ed., 1983)
      • Search: title:(labour OR labor OR employment OR employees OR workers)
    • undefined
    • Rohn’s World Treaty Index (WTI covering 1900-1980, via HeinOnline World Treaty Library)
      • Keyword Index (search/browse under EMPLOY*, LABO*, WORK*, etc.) – will give you date of treaty, then you need to look at the Chronological Index for citation to source of text of treaty
    • World Treaty Index (WTI via the web)(link not working)
    • World Treaty Index (WTI via the web, new citations added through 1999 – datasets not available)(Electronic WTI Project maintained by UChicago Professor Paul Poast)
    • United Nations Treaty Series – Indexes (Cumulative Indexes covering 1946-current/2017, via HeinOnline United Nations Collection)
      • Alphabetical Index-->”Labour”