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Reaction Databases

These resources provide powerful structure based searching interfaces for reaction discovery and synthesis planning.  For comprehensive reaction searching, you may need to search each of these databases, as well as consulting online handbooks of reaction information and print reference works on synthetic methods.

Online Handbooks

Chemical Structure Editors

Links to download software for drawing chemical structures.  Resulting structures can be saved in a variety of formats for use in structure searchable databases, word processing documents, etc.

The University of Chicago Library has a license to ChemDraw basic software.  This PDF contains instructions for downloading the software.

Other options for chemical drawing tools:

Contact Information

Andrea Twiss-Brooks
Director of Research and Teaching Support
Regenstein Library Room 181
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Sources for Chemicals and Equipment

Commercial availability feature of SciFinder Scholar
Commercial Availability feature of Reaxys
Commercial suppliers are listed for many ChemSpider entries.