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Japanese Studies

Resources useful for Japanese-studies researchers

Comprehensive Indices and Databases for Japanese Studies (Academic)

Comprehensive Indices and Databases for Japanese Studies (Popular Press)

"Scan and Deliver" from Other Libraries (including Ones in Japan)

The University of Chicago Library's Inter-Library Loan (ILL) services allow you to obtain PDF scans of journal articles or book chapters held by other university libraries.

If you find a citation for a periodical article, and then discover that no North American library owns the periodical, fret not! So long as you know the article's author and title, the periodical title, the volume and/or issue number, and the page numbers, we have a way to procure the articles for you in PDF format, at no cost to you. You can submit a request through our own ILL services

Our library also participates in the Global ILL Framework (GIF) project, which provides access to resources from Japan that are otherwise unobtainable in North America. This project, however, is ending soon. The last day to accept ILL requests is January 19, 2018. Should you have any questions regarding the project termination, please contact Ayako Yoshimura, Japanese studies librarian.