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How Do I Find Microforms?

Regenstein Microforms Help

Help with Regenstein microforms is available in the Map Collection (Regenstein 370).

Appointments are available, but not necessary. The Microform Collection and equipment is self-serve and available during building hours.

The Map Collection staff is available to:

  • Show you how to use the microform machines
  • Help you locate a microform item 
  • Troubleshoot equipment 
  • Refer you to a librarian for in-depth reference and item searching

What are Microforms?

Microforms are photographic reproductions, typically of print material, which have been reduced in scale from that which is readable by the unaided eye and transferred to either transparent or opaque materials. Most of the microforms in the University of Chicago Library collection are microfilm and microfiche, which are transparencies.

All microforms require special equipment to view, print, or scan them.

Where are Microforms located?

Most microforms are located in Regenstein, while select materials are located in D'Angelo Law.

Regenstein Microforms

  • Regenstein, 3rd Floor Microforms
  • Regenstein, B Level, Science Microforms and ERIC Microfiche
    • some microforms are located on the south west perimeter of Regenstein's B Level and are available to browse all hours that Regenstein is open
  • Regenstein, 5th Floor Middle East Microforms: Consult staff in JRL 560

D'Angelo Law Microforms

  • D'Angelo Law, Microforms, Request from Storage
    • D'Angelo microforms may be requested via the Library Catalog or by asking at D'Angelo Circulation on D'Angelo's 2nd Floor

Interlibrary Loan Microforms

  • Interlibrary Loan microforms (building use only)
    • Most microforms requested via Interlibrary Loan may be used only within the building; they will be made available for pickup at Mansueto Circulation and should be returned to Mansueto Circulation at the end of each day

Using Microforms

All microforms require special equipment to view, scan, or print.

Microforms Equipment

The Library provides ScanPro 3000 digital microform scanners, which work with all microformats, at the following locations:

  • Regenstein, 3rd Floor Microforms
  • D'Angelo Law, 2nd Floor Reserves Room
  • Mansueto, Viewing & Listening Station

ScanPro 3000 Instructions

  1. Launch the ScanPro software using the Desktop icon.
  2. In the "Film Selection Wizard" screen, select the appropriate format (e.g. 35mm microfilm, negative microfiche, etc.).
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to load the microform (do not attempt to move the auto-carrier manually).
  4. Use the online controls to view, scan, print, etc. (refer to Quick Start Guide for more information).

Note: Do not load metal reels on ScanPro equipment.

Some older microfilm is stored on metal reels which are incompatible with the ScanPro 3000 equipment. Please do not attempt to load metal reels on the ScanPros. If you need to consult microfilm on a metal reel, please bring it to Library staff for assistance.

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