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How Do I Find Microforms?

Regenstein Microforms Help

The Microform Collection and equipment is self-serve and available during building hours.

Help with Regenstein microforms is available in Regenstein, Room 360 generally 9-5pm Monday-Friday. Map Collection (Regenstein 370) staff can also assist when 360 staff are unavailable. Assistance includes:

  • Help using the microform machines
  • Help you locate a microform item 
  • Troubleshoot equipment 
  • Refer you to a librarian for in-depth reference and item searching

Microforms in the Library Catalog

Most of the Library's microform materials can be found by searching the Library Catalog.

You can limit your search results by selecting "Microform" as a format.

When you locate microforms, you can request specific reels via our Paging & Pickup service.

Some Middle East Microforms are not listed in the Catalog but are searchable via other means. See Middle East Microforms for details.

Finding Microforms at Other Libraries

Below are some recommended resources for locating microforms at other libraries. If the Library does not have the microform that you need, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan.

Please Note: While many academic and research libraries will loan microforms to other libraries, please note that some public libraries or archives may not lend their microforms. If you need assistance with your request, please Ask a Librarian.