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Foreign Law (By country and region)

Guides to the law of foreign jurisdictions online. Divided by region and alphabetically and, unless otherwise noted, all guides are in English.


Welcome to the D'Angelo Law Library guide to Foreign Law.

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This guide is by no means definitive, nor is it supposed to be. Instead, this is intended as a starting point for those who are researching on, or simply curious about, the laws, government, and legal structures that exist in countries outside of the United States.

Its focus is on web resources, which allow for ease of access for individuals who are investigating foreign law. Wherever possible, we have utilized sites that are multilingual, with the inclusion of English. Where there are no English-language resources, or where the information is limited, this has been indicated. The material is divided into alphabetical and continental sections for the benefit of the user. The material is the same - the indexing is not. For each subdivision (by country or region), the material is divided by the type of information (ie. government sites, court sites, case law sites, etc.)

With regard to translations, while we have strived to provide official translations of material, it was not always possible. Furthermore, in some cases even the "official" translations come with warnings regarding the veracity of the translations, some of which have clearly been done in a very literal fashion. So while it may be possible to come away with the gist of the laws, it is always possible that information and nuance has been lost in translation. This is extremely important to bear in mind when reading over this material.

As always, if you need additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to come into the library and speak to a reference librarian!

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