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Law Database Tutorials

Recommended videos and written instructions for commonly-used law databases.

Getting Started with HeinOnline

HeinOnline (HOL) includes several collections within its main database. HOL is recommended for locating:

  • law journal articles
  • National Survey of State Laws publication (a comparison of laws across the 50 states)
  • U.S. government information
  • foreign/international articles and information

Creating a MyHein Account

To use HOL efficiently, creating an individual account is helpful. See this video to learn how to set up a MyHein account and to learn the benefits of doing so. (3:05)

Searching Tips

Searching in HeinOnline

Learn how to save results, use the main search bar, and retrieve citations by viewing this short video. (3:07)

Search for a Citation

View this short video to learn how to search by citation within HOL. (2:05)

Case Law

FastCase and HeinOnline

This video explains how to access cases through HOL, via Fastcase, when you have a citation. (3:14)

Searching for Articles


This short video explains how to find the most-cited law journal articles and how to find other cases and articles which have cited them. (1:46)

Finding Legislative Information

Congressional Documents Available in HeinOnline

This video explains the congressional content available to you within HOL. (3:13)

Searching for a Bill

View this short video to learn how to find documents regarding a specific bill within the Congressional Record, such as legislative history. (2:19)

Search for a Rollcall Vote

This video demonstrates how to find rollcall votes, which are a listing of how each member of Congress voted on an issue. Rollcall votes can also be found on, but the search functionality within HOL makes this process easier. (3:05)

Statutes & Regulations