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Law Database Tutorials

Recommended videos and written instructions for commonly-used law databases.

Getting Started with Fastcase

Fastcase strives to provide highly relevant cases to your topic or search. Features you might find useful in Fastcase:

  • Accessible by all University of Chicago affiliates; no law school affiliation required
  • Forecite: If applicable, the search algorithm will suggest documents that might be relevant to your search, even if they don't contain the exact search terms
  • Interactive timeline: see a map of your search results, which categorizes results by relevance and number of citations

When opening the Fastcase database, the prior version, Fastcase 6, opens by default. If you'd like to use Fastcase 7 (which has a more modern interface) instead, click on the toggle switch located in the top right of the home page:

Once in Fastcase 7, you can switch back to Fastcase 6 at any time, but please note that the database will not preserve your current page. You will be redirected to the home page.


Fastcase 7

Fastcase 7 Overview

This video explains the major features of Fastcase 7, including searching by terms and connectors, using the word cloud, result relevance, and the interactive timeline. (5:14)

Forecite on Fastcase 7

To learn more about Forecite, the search tool which suggests results that don't contain your exact search terms but are likely relevant, view this short video. (1:20)

Fastcase 6

Fastcase 6 Overview

This video moves quickly, but provides some useful tips and tricks for using Fastcase 6. (5:36)