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NCBI Resources

Information about determining the best databases to use to answer questions and reviews of commonly used databases.

Step by Step Guide

In the upper right hand corner of the NCBI homepage, you will see a Sign in to NCBI hyperlink.  Click on this link.

NCBI Homepage with rectangular box around Sign in to NCBI hyperlink in top right hand corner

You are now on the sign in landing page.  There are a variety of log-in options presented.  You can sign in with a third party option or register for an NCBI account using whichever contact information you'd prefer.  

If you are an NIH-funded researcher and you don't want to have another set of log-in credentials, you may prefer to use the 3rd party option of signing into NCBI with your NIH Login or eRA Commons accounts. 

Sign in to NCBI landing page

Once on the registration page, you can proceed with creating your NCBI account with any email you choose. You are also presented with another 3rd party registration option via your affiliated University.

If you choose to use the University of Chicago third party sign in option, you will prompted to this page.  

Sign in to NCBI via a partner organization page with the option to register a new account or link an existing account to your institution based account

Once you are registered, you will be directed to your personal NCBI account landing page (also called My NCBI).  Please review the video playlist to the left of this column to review how you can customize this page.  

My NCBI landing page