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Information about determining the best databases to use to answer questions and reviews of commonly used databases.

Gene Record

A Gene Record has information about genomic context, phenotypes, variation, interactions, and related sequences.  

For this walk-through, we will use the Gene Record for BRCA1, Gene ID: 672

Genomic context

BRCA1 Genomic Context information with Location and exon count highlighted in top left hand corner and location highlighted on bottom right hand corner.

Chromosome: 17
Location on chromosome 17: NC_000017.11
Base pairs location: 43044295 to 43125483

Search Strategies

You can search Gene with the following types of search:

  • free text
  • chromosome [chr] and symbol [sym]
  • associated sequence accession
  • gene name [sym]
  • chromosome [chr] and species [orgn]

Related Information

Each gene record will have a lengthy menu of related information on the right hand menu.  Links include:

  • Gene neighbors - identifying upstream and downstream genes 
  • MedGen - conditions and diseases that occur as a result of a gene variant
  • PubMed - articles with your gene included in the article title