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Information about determining the best databases to use to answer questions and reviews of commonly used databases.

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NCBI Home Page:

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1. Resource List A-Z

Once you select a resource type, you'll be presented with tabular information about databases, downloads, submissions, tools, and how-to guides related to the resource type.  A set of quick-links for the resource type will also appear on the right hand side of the resource page.

2. Popular Resources

A selection of popular databases you can quickly access with a single click.

3. Submit & Download

Once you have signed into your NCBI account, you can submit your data to NCBI databases.  Importantly, there is submission wizard tool to guide you through the submission process.  

If you want to download NCBI data to your machine, you can do so from the NCBI FTP site or using Aspera software. 

4. Develop & Analyze

Learn about NCBI APIs (including E-Utilities) and available code libraries to build applications.  You can also find information about schema, document type definition (DTD), and data specifications.   You can also find the NCBI GitHub repository link. 

5. Learn

NCBI produced educational products including courses, workshops, webinars, training materials, and other documentation as easily accessible and available for anyone to re-use and distribute.  You can also find a list of upcoming education events.

6. Announcements

You can follow the announcements feed on multiple social media platforms or as an RSS feed.  New database releases are often highlighted as are the popular NCBI Minute blog posts.  



Entrez is the integrated literature and molecular databases search engine.  

Entrez search engine:


Entrez Search Engine Home Page Screen Shot