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Chinese Studies

E-Journals in Chinese

The UChicago E-Journals Database

Search the E-Journals Database to see what periodicals are available online through the University of Chicago Library. 

The E-Journals database does not search for articles.  Rather, it looks through our various online resources to see what issues of a specific journal, newspaper, or magazine are available online.  Then the E-Journals database will connect you to the specific resources that contain the full-text.

The E-Journals database only includes the Library's online subscription.  For publications available in print or microfilm, online, you must search the Library Catalog.

You can access the E-Journals database under "Electronic Resources" on the Library's website.

Searching the Ejournals Database

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Use the Ejournals database to see which issues of a journal, newspaper, or magazine are available online through one of the Library's subscription services.

The E-Journals database only includes online isses.  For publications available in print or microfilm, you must search the Library Catalog.

Search By Publication Name

The default search option for e-journals is by title "starts with" which you should use if you know the full title of the journal.

Enter the title of the publication you are looking for (not the title of the article).

  • If there are similar titles, the E-Journals database will suggest options that that match your keywords.
  • If you find that you are receiving too many results, you may want to select the "Browse" option which will search for the exact title (skipping initial articles such as the, an, etc.).

Once you enter your search, the E-Journals database will list all of the different Library resources that contain issues of this publication in full-text.

  • Be sure to check the years that are available in each database.  Depending on the publication, you may have several different full-text options available.

E-Journal Options

Select the best source for your needs.  Be aware that some databases do not provide pdf full-text (which usually contains all images and tables).  The Library often recommends using the full-text option from the publisher, or a stable pdf resource such as JSTOR.

By Subject

The E-Journals database also provides an option to browse journals by subject.  Just click on the Subject Browse tab and select your subject and subfield.

Subject Browse of E-Journals List

The E-Journals database will then display all of the publications that fit that subject classification.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search in the E-Journals database lets you search by both title and subject.

Locate Online Journals

Search Ejournals

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Find online access to journals, newspapers and magazines.

Off-campus Access

Almost all Library databases can be accessed from off-campus. The easiest way to do this is to use links from the Library website. You will then be prompted for your CNetID and password to authenticate yourself as an authorized user.

If you find sources through Google Scholar or other search engines, you may not automatically get access to Library resources. Use the ProxyIt bookmarklet or Libkey Nomad in these situations. There's more information on these in our guide to off-campus access.