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Chinese Studies

Searching the Catalog for Films

Use the Library Catalog to search for specific films.  Use the "Title" option to look films by title.  Use the "Author" option for director.

To look for a specific type of film, use the advanced keyword search. 

  1. Select the "Advanced Keyword" tab in the catalog.
  2. Under "Format" select "Videos".  You may also select a specific type of video, such as Streaming, Blu-Ray, Laserdisk, VHS, and DVD. However, please be aware that the Library collects videos in all these formats (and houses players for them), so you may limit your results too much this way.
  3. Add additional search terms, such as an actor (in all fields) or director (as author).
  4. Select Library location (D'Angelo, Regenstein, etc.) if this is important to you.


East Asian Film Library

The CEAS Film Library comprises over 5,000 titles from China, Japan, and Korea. It includes historical films, documentaries, television series and contemporary cinema. Many of the films are available to any current University of Chicago student, staff, or faculty members. CEAS Associate Members may also borrow films.

Lending hours are Monday-Friday, 11:30am-4:30pm.


The ProxyIt! bookmarklet will reload a page to use IT Services proxy server. Install this button in your browser to get access to Library resources from off campus.

  • In Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari, drag this ⇒ ProxyIt! ⇐ link to your bookmarks toolbar.

Once installed, anytime you go to a web page of one of our electronic resources, click the ProxyIt! Button and it will reroute the page through the proxy server so that you can login and access the material. You must have JavaScript enabled for the bookmarklet to work.

ProxyIt! will only work for resources to which the Library has subscribed.  You can find whether we have a subscription by consulting the Library Catalog, the Ejournals database, or Articles Plus.  

Find It!

When searching various Library and online sources, the Find It button, when present, can be used to locate an item in the Library Catalog, to gain access to the full-text of an article, or to send interlibrary loan orders for items that the Library does not own.