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E-Journals in Korean

The UChicago E-Journals Database

Search the E-Journals Database to see what periodicals are available online through the University of Chicago Library. 

The E-Journals database does not search for articles.  Rather, it looks through our various online resources to see what issues of a specific journal, newspaper, or magazine are available online.  Then the E-Journals database will connect you to the specific resources that contain the full-text.

The E-Journals database only includes the Library's online subscription.  For publications available in print or microfilm, online, you must search the Library Catalog.

You can access the E-Journals database under "Electronic Resources" on the Library's website.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar includes citations for academic journals in all subjects.  To access the University's online journals, you must go to Scholar Settings, and search for "University of Chicago Libraries" under Library Links.

Google Scholar Search