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History of Medicine

Getting Started

This guide is meant to be general a starting point to locating books on the history of medicine as it relates toTB in North America, primarily within the University of Chicago Library.

Keywords & subject headings

Try using some of the following keywords and subject headings in the Library Catalog or by using a database to find journals and articles.

  • history
  • historical
  • Tuberculosis
  • TB
  • consumption
  • pulmonary tuberculosis
  • phthisis
  • tubercular consumption
  • pulmonary consumption
  • consumption of the lungs

Resources from the University of Chicago Special Collections Resource Center

Selected Modern Manuscript and Archival Collections

Census tables of tubercular cases in various cities by region, primarily in the United States, and including Canada, England, and Wales, 1804-1895.
Julius Hays Hess (1876-1955) was a Chicago pediatrician.
A bound collection of images of different types of cells affected by a variety of pathogens. 
The collection consists of bound carbon copies of 142 papers read at the National Conferences of Social Work (1929-1932).
James Brian Herrick, physician who spent much of his career at Cook County Hospital.
Alexander A. Maximow, histologist, Professor of anatomy. 


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