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ARTH 15610: Imitation of Life: Art in the Twentieth Century

A guide to resources for students in Megan Luke's course (Fall 2012)


Search by title of the work
To locate books, or a chapter on a specific work within a collection of essays, search by keyword using the object's exact title.

example: Sunday on La Grande Jatte

Find museum and gallery catalogs
Search the catalog by author using the name of the museum that owns the work.  Within this list, look for a handbook, guide to the collection or exhibition catalogs covering the time period, style, medium, or artistic movement as your object.

example: Art Institute of Chicago

To locate general museum handbooks, use a keyword search adding "handbook," "guide" or "collection" to the name of the museum.

example: Smart Museum of Art collection

Find books about the artist

A catalogue raisonne is a comprehensive catalogue of an artist's work. To find catalogues raisonne do a keyword search for  the artist's name plus the word "raisonne".

example: picasso raisonne

 If a catalogue raisonne doesn't exist for your artist, try a keyword search using complet* or complete works to find the most comprehensive catalog or monograph on the artist.

example: duchamp complete works


Artists' Writings

Search in the Library Catalog
Combine the artist's name with any these terms.



Some examples of recent anthologies:

Artists' Writings