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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Chicago Collections

Reference Sources

The Oxford Bibliographies are an excellent guide to important surveys, grammars, dictionaries, and critical editions of indigenous texts, as well as secondary literature. Try searching by LINGUISTIC TOPIC (e.g. classifiers) or LANGUAGE FAMILY (e.g. Mayan languages). The following bibliographies may be of particular interest:

Library of Congress Subject Headings

To find books on your subject in the Library Catalog, use the BROWSE index and select "SUBJECT" from the drop-down menu.

Some sample searches:

  • Indians of South America—Languages
  • Indians of Central America—Languages
  • Indigenous peoples—[Country]—Languages
  • [Country]—Languages

Try searching by individual languages or language families, e.g.:

  • Aymara language
  • Nahuatl language
  • Zapotec language
  • Mayan languages

(Note subheadings for "Dictionaries," "Grammar" and "Bibliography")

Indian Languages Sub-Class PM

The University of Chicago Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to catalog its materials. Sub-class PM is used to organize "Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages." You can browse a subset of this class to find books on indigenous Latin American languages.

PM3001-4566                     Languages of Mexico and Central America

PM5001-7356                     Languages of South America and the West Indies

Consortial Resources

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