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Environmental Law

This guide covers U.S. state and federal environmental law

Case Law

Environment-related cases written by federal appeals courts are generally published in the Federal Reporter and are available from a number of online sources:

The Environment Reporter and the Environmental Law Reporter both publish unreported cases in addition to those published in the Federal Reporter.

Major Federal Statutes

  • Links below are to EPA webpages unless otherwise noted. 
  • EPA webpages include full-text links to public laws and U.S. Code sections maintained by the U.S. Government.
  • To locate the law or code section in your chosen research service, simply cut and paste the citation into the proper search box or citation resolver.

Federal Environmental Regulations

Administrative Decisions

EPA decisions can be found in the Environment Reporter and the Environmental Law Reporter; Westlaw and Lexis also contain some selected decisions. Most current decisions are available online through the EPA.