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Creating Links to Library Resources

Information on creating durable links to books and articles

Links in Article Databases

Many Library article databases do not allow you to copy the URL displayed in your browser for sharing. Most do have a way to get a durable link. The process varies by platform.

Linking to EBSCO Databases

Articles in EBSCO databases must use the Permalink located in the full citation. The link to display it is under the tools menu on the right side of the page.

EBSCO tools menu

Click the link to display the Permalink at the top of the article. Copy that to paste into your document



Linking to Gale Databases

Gale databases provide durable links which are formatted to pass through the proxy server. 

Use the Get Link icon at the top right of the citation
Get Link icon on the Gale page


Copy the link in the box to paste into your application
Formatted link from Gale


Linking to JSTOR

Articles in JSTOR include a stable URL under the full citation. Copy this to paste into your document.

jstor citation

Do not use DOIs displayed in JSTOR, as they may go a publisher's site where the Library has not subscribed to the archive.

Linking to ProQuest Databases

ProQuest provides a durable link in the details tab of an article.

ProQuest citation tabs

Scroll down on details page and find Document URL. Copy that to paste into your document