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Creating Links to Library Resources

Information on creating durable links to books and articles

Linking to Library Resources

Most Library resources allow you to create links that go directly to a book or article. In many cases, you can copy the URL and paste it into Canvas or other documents. Some databases and publishers aren't that simple and this guide offers tips on creating links.

Adding the Proxy Server to Links

Links to online resources need to include the campus proxy server to ensure that remote users are able to authenticate as UChicago Affiliates. This is done by inserting this prefix before a URL

This  link to "Aims of undergraduate physiology education: a view from the University of Chicago"


The first link will work for anyone on the campus network, but all others will be met with a paywall. The proxy server allows them to log in and view the article.

This is still required for links in Canvas. Students will be authenticated for access to Canvas, but the proxy server authenticates them for access to articles.