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Korean Studies

Gateway to Korean Studies Resources


This library research guide provides an introduction to Korean Studies related resources for library users at the University of Chicago. It gives access to online full text sources and location information on print, visual and audio materials inside the library for research in Korean Studies.

The guide will specifically assist you to:

  1. Find relevant materials such as books, journal articles, newspapers, statistics, and audio / visual materials for your research topic
  2. Discover significant collections of materials for Korean studies in fields such as literature, history, film, etc.
  3. Learn and practice Korean Romanization (McCune-Reischauer System)   

Image Description: Seoul Lantern Festival

About the Korean collection at the University of Chicago

The Korean collection at the University of Chicago began in 1988, and has significantly developed over the past 30 years. The Collection covers all subjects in Korean Studies generally, but is especially focused on Korean History and Literature because these areas are the most researched by the faculty and graduate students. The Collection is especially committed to the following areas: the Korean War, the division of the Korean peninsula, North Korea, Korean literature and movies, Korean colonialism and women. The University of Chicago library joined the Korea Foundation’s Korean Collections Consortium of North America (KCCNA) in 1995 enabling us to build up holdings concerning welfare, industry, environment, politics, novels written in classical Chinese, Korean-Chinese, and Koreans living in Chicago.  The Korean collection is located on the 5th floor of the Joseph Regenstein Library with the Chinese and Japanese collections.

Location Information

  • Korean Reference Sources : 5th Floor East Asian Reading Room
  • Current Korean Periodicals: 5th Floor East Asian Reading Room
  • Print materials in Korean: 5th Floor Stacks
  • Korean DVDs and Videos: 2nd & 3rd Floor
  • Microfilms in Korean Studies: 3rd Floor
  • Korean Theses: 5th Floor East Asian Electronic Resources Room (JRL 521)
  • Full Text E-resources (Scroll down to Korean Studies)

Subject Specialist

Jee-Young Park's picture
Jee-Young Park
Korean Studies Librarian
East Asian Collection
Joseph Regenstein Library JRL 526

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